Losing a favorite toy for each child is harmful, but also often occasion to happen almost in every family. Either because of a lack of attention or weak instincts of keeping the item in the developing hands the lost toys are still a frequent occurrence. Later they are found by any passerby or come to the category of stolen toys if the person who picked it has no wish to return the found toy back to the little owner. But, luckily, there are many people who rather care and try to find the owner of the lost toy in Moyobamba, so Tagmefy introduces a wide range of possibilities for them to place the announcements about lost and found toys in Moyobamba, so the only thing left to do is to place a short notice in the corresponding category, leave the contact information and check the notes left from the opposite category of lost and found toys in order to get a higher chance of returning the toy for the owner and making the child happy.
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lost and found Toys

The year of birth of the lost and found service is officially known as 1805. Napoleon then established a police unit responsible for returning lost or stolen items to citizens. Since that time there have been fundamental changes in the work of the structure. In many countries people who donate found items to lost and found receive a certain monetary reward

For example, lost Toys make up almost a third of the list. To help distracted, forgetful people on the Internet, electronic analogs of lost and found are being created and people who care can easily place a note there about finding someone’s belonging.

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I think you do something great. Thanks to Tagmefy I get back my laptop and were able to deliver my project on time! Thank you Tagmefy! :)


I thought I lost all my memories from last vocation as I left my camera in train. Tagmefy helped to me get back my camera and all great pictures! You rock!


I save a fortune as now I got almost all my kids belongings back without sharing my family private data.


I found a phone and liked the possibility to bring it to the trusted dorp-off point. No need to spend time on return. Well done Tagmefy!


A new generation of lost and found Toys work

According to statistics, in the last century, out of every lost and found Toys, only 13 per cent were returned to the owner because of the difficult identification process. Modern technologies have brought the work of services involved in the search for lost items to a new level. It is enough for an absent-minded person to pay a small amount to purchase a special sticker, a key fob with a personal identification number. The data entered into the database will help to quickly detect the loss, identify, notify the owner where he can pick up his things. If necessary, a courier will deliver lost keys or other items directly to your doorstep. Paid service provides a great opportunity to quickly find the loss in a crowded, huge metropolis.

In most cases, the service that implements the identification numbers simply brings together those who have found and lost keys. They negotiate the remuneration themselves. To increase the motivation for returning lost items, many companies provide rewards from personal funds. The use of modern methods of identifying personal belongings has significantly increased the return recently. And even without using such technologies, you can simply use the Tagmefy service which is aimed at searching for the owner of lost property.