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People tend to lose many things because of various possible reasons, starting from usual forgetfulness to short-term inability to keep belongings safe. And the value of the lost property may be pretty different: either this is minor stuff left behind by accident or keys and mobile phones that may become an obstacle preventing you from coming home and contacting relatives or close people. So that such situations could be prevented, the lost and found property in Northeastern Governorate can be found with the help of Tagmefy.

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I think you do something great. Thanks to Tagmefy I get back my laptop and were able to deliver my project on time! Thank you Tagmefy! :)


I thought I lost all my memories from last vocation as I left my camera in train. Tagmefy helped to me get back my camera and all great pictures! You rock!


I save a fortune as now I got almost all my kids belongings back without sharing my family private data.


I found a phone and liked the possibility to bring it to the trusted dorp-off point. No need to spend time on return. Well done Tagmefy!


In most cases, such lost and found stuff in Northeastern Governorate is stored in the checkroom of the company, while the announcement is being placed by the holder through the website. Then, if the owner is found, his identity is verified, and the lost property is handed to him, in another case, the maximum period of storing the belongings lasts for 60 days. It is also recommended to be aware of the fact that the property might be checked as a potential threat or disinfected to get rid of viruses, so its safety cannot be guaranteed after such procedures.

But sometimes companies are not able to regulate the situation, and the owner is ought to act on his own. For example, not everyone knows what to do when losing property, and so many problems may appear based on the panicked reaction and inability to remember what to do because of lack of experience in losing the belonging things.

Easy Peasy Lost and found in Northeastern Governorate

What to do?

Because of that, you should remember to do the next steps:

  1. Calm down, pull yourself together and try to get distracted, for example, while listening to your favourite music - the main thing is not to panic.
  2. Having lost the documents, important papers, check once again your pockets, bag, diplomat carefully – there may be a possibility of simply losing it from the sight.
  3. Without finding the keys or when noticing the loss of jewellery, look carefully around you, in the folds of your clothes or bag.
  4. American scientists have conducted a study that claims that the lost thing in 90 per cent of cases is within a radius of 1.5 meters from the place where you noticed the loss.
  5. Recover mentally the chronology of events for the slightest details to understand where you most likely lost things.

If all the methods above did not give a positive result, please visit the website of our company, and we help people to quickly find lost things. The navigation and design of the website are fully adapted to the intuitional understanding of where to click and what to enter to search for the desired stuff you miss so much.

Set the filter for the property you search, look carefully for the results introduced by the photo attached and brief description given, and there you may get a high possibility to contact a person or a company that has found the lost stuff.